Brief introduction of solar lamp

The utility model relates to a solar lamp, which can be widely used for ornament and decoration in grassland, square, park and other occasions, belonging to the technical field of lamps. The utility model mainly adopts a lampshade to connect the bottom support, the battery panel is placed on the battery box and built into the lampshade, the battery box is installed on the bottom support, the light-emitting diode is installed on the battery panel, and the solar panel is connected with a rechargeable battery and a control circuit by wires. The structure of the utility model is integrated, simple, compact and reasonable; No external power cord, easy to use and install, beautiful appearance; Because the LED is placed in the bottom bracket, the whole lamp body is illuminated after light emission, and the light sensing effect is better; All electrical components are built-in, which has good practicability. Including snake lamp, plate lamp, solar neon lamp, massage lamp and so on.

In practice, of course, solar outdoor lighting is a little more complex. In addition to high-capacity batteries and solar panels, the system also includes advanced special monitors. When the lighting work is stopped, the solar power generation battery starts to charge, and then gets more power when it is fully charged again. The key is that outdoor solar lighting and solar photovoltaic houses are equipped with solar panels, which all have a special microprocessor control system and battery. It is connected to a specially designed load lamp equipped with super reflectivity and high-energy ballast. The utility model has the advantages of high brightness, simple installation, reliable operation, no cable laying, no consumption of conventional energy, long service life, etc. It adopts high brightness LED design, without manual operation. The lamps automatically light up at night and turn off at dawn. The products have a strong sense of fashion, bright texture, fine and modern sense. They are mainly used for lighting decoration in community green belts, industrial park green belts, tourist scenic spots, parks, courtyards, square green spaces and other places.