How to open your own store ?


More and more people are considering to have an online store especially this year , people stay more time at home, and they need to get something to live on . But there are still big market for retail stores, because the in person shopping experience cannot be replicated online .

If you are interested in opening a new store, it is important to prepare everything in advance . For example, you need to figure out what type of store do you want to open ? who is your target customers ? who is your competitors ? where is the proper location for you ?

If you are new to this , it is necessary to do a research about all these questions, or you can first learn from your competitors . once you understand your competitors, you need to plan your own strategy to defect him . Will it be on prices ? on quality ? on service ?on variety ? then they will be your competitive advantage .

After you have all these directions, you need to find a good supplier who can provide the products and help you built the shop .

Our company, Top Ease, we had helped many customers open their own shops, and have a long cooperation with all the customers . We can provide not only the all the products you need, but also the shelves ( display for the products ), and we can also give you suggestions about how to display the products .

Please check the shop opening flow chart as below:

And here is a sample for the shop layout, we can make for you after you tell us the relevant information .

We can make all the packing with your own brand information, with your language, and the most important, we have after-sale service, it means after you receive the goods, if you find some problems, we are here for you, we will always help you find a solution for it .

Please do not hesitate to contact with us for your business, waiting for you any time .