Application analysis of nine lamp types

author: Mr Tank
Lamp type 1: hall or lobby lamps
This lamp can create a suitable atmosphere. It uses general lighting to welcome guests and ensure that they can safely enter other areas of the home. We can use ceiling lamps and hanging lamps to install in walkways, corridors and entrance places.

Lamp type 2: flower lamp
The style of lanterns is just like its name. Qiduo lanterns are lamps that can increase glow. They are very suitable for restaurants and other areas, and can provide general lighting for our dining, entertainment and other activities. They are sometimes used in bedrooms, halls, living rooms, and sometimes on the top of the piano. It is a very interesting way of lighting. Some styles of lanterns use a combination of downward lighting lamps to provide task lighting as family activities and desktop games, and can also be used for the key lighting of desktop furnishings. The light source used in the flower lamp is incandescent lamp and halogen tungsten lamp. It is worth mentioning that the above two light sources can be dimming easily, so only a dimming controller can be added to control the light intensity to meet the needs of psychology and activities.

Lamp type 3: Chandelier
This kind of lamp is a little similar to the above-mentioned lantern type, HOHO. But its shape is smaller. Chandeliers provide task lighting and general lighting. Annular or conical components are used to prevent glare. They are usually used for hanging installation, put on the dining table, game table (and mahjong table), cupboard counter or other occasions. Put them at the end of the table. In addition, it is also an interesting effect to use table lamps for fill lighting. Similarly, they can also use dimming controllers to make us more flexible in using lights to meet our needs.

Lamp type 4: ceiling lamp (or ceiling lamp)
Sky lanterns are used for general lighting. They are used in halls, lobbies, bedrooms, cupboards, bathrooms, laundry rooms, entertainment rooms and other rooms with high utilization rates. They use incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps.

Lamp type 5: wall lamp
This luminaire is usually used for supplementary general, task and key lighting. It is usually used as the supporting role of restaurant lanterns, and can also be used for the lighting of corridors, bedrooms and living rooms. In addition, we also wash in the bathroom?? The existence of this kind of lamp (called mirror headlamp) can be seen in the mirror of the stage. Ohoh, it turns out that it is also a form of wall lamp. Their light sources include incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps.

Lamp type 6: bathroom or cosmetic lamp
This kind of lamp provides task lighting as a supplementary lighting for general lighting of ceiling lamps. In the theater, you can also see this kind of lamp in the dressing room of a wedding dress shooting place you often pass home. Generally, spherical incandescent bulbs are arranged in a ring along the glass to make up girls and shave boys, providing excellent lighting with excellent color rendering. What is color rendering? Given the common sense of point light source, incandescent lamp has excellent color rendering, which is defined as 100 in lighting. In addition, in nature, the color rendering of sunlight is also 100, that is, this kind of light source has the strongest ability to restore color.

Lamp type 7: mobile lamp
Mobile lamps can provide general, task and key lighting. We can easily move it to the place we need. Table lamp, floor lamp, torch indirect lamp these various mobile lamps can be used to decorate my living environment. We designers should not ignore its importance. In addition, there are some small mobile lamps, such as tea cup lamp, flip lamp, adjustable mobile lamp, mini reflective spotlight, desktop lamp and Piano lamp, which can meet our needs for tasks and key lighting. The light sources they need are incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps.

Lamp type 8: track lamp
Track lamps can provide the above three lighting modes, not just key lighting. Through the flexible device of the track, we can move, swing, place and adjust the irradiation aiming point of a lamp along the track to hit the desired object. It can also be used to meet the changes of the scene. If possible, you can also install lanterns and chandeliers on the track to design the lighting scene. Rail lamps are divided into normal voltage and low voltage. The optional light sources include incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamps and energy-saving lamps.

Lamp type 9: embedded lamp
Embedded lamp is a kind of high utilization in our decoration design, which can flexibly meet our design needs. Insert it into the ceiling for installation, just leave the light outlet and the decorative fine edge of these lamps. Common embedded lamps include grid lamp panel, downlight and ceiling spotlight. In addition, in addition to the downward lighting we generally use, there are also wall washing lighting and adjustable key lighting. They are also divided into low pressure and high pressure. The choice of light source includes incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp and energy-saving lamp tube. Lamp type 10: lamp in cabinet. This kind of lamp is only used for task and key lighting. In our?? This method can be used in the room. Oh, specifically, Caesar, Keke, is?? In the cupboard... Similarly, we can put it in the prize cupboard to show the prize (those clubs that have seen football). In addition, this kind of lamp can also be used in the wine cabinet. They can be used in the workshop or the desired place. The key is that we have to know what to illuminate first. This kind of lamps include T4 and T5 slender fluorescent tubes, energy-saving tubes, mini rail lamps and low-voltage Mini lamps.