With the increase of raw materials, the development of lighting enterprises is in trouble.


This year, the rising price of raw materials in the home led industry has aroused the dissatisfaction of some enterprises. From the recent trend, this rising trend has not stopped, which has brought difficulties to many home led enterprises. In recent years, the raw materials in the domestic building materials industry have generally shown an upward trend, with a year-on-year increase of 10-30% in only 13-14 years.
The main reasons for this growth are: first, environmental protection. Air pollution is becoming more and more serious. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the quality requirements of headlight lamp are higher and higher, the scarcity of raw materials is higher and higher, and the total amount of raw materials which is used to produce headlight lamp is less and less, resulting in the rise of raw material prices. Reasons for the production of headlight lamp cost of raw materials. As a labor-intensive industry, the labor cost of raw material collection enterprises accounts for a large part of enterprise expenditure. The wages of workers have increased year by year. In fact, this increase, coupled with the cost of raw materials, has also led to an increase in the price of raw materials.
Facing the rising price of raw materials, most building materials enterprises have raised the sales price and directly passed on the increased cost to consumers. Not all products can do this. Some lighting companies do not agree with the price increase measures, and even think that the price increase is equivalent to drinking shells to quench their thirst. Industry insiders have proposed practical ways to offset the rise in raw material prices.

(1) Maximize the value of promotion costs
"I know 50% of my advertising expenses are wasted, but I don't know where they are wasted," he said. Advertising without real effect is the burden of cob led work light enterprises. Many enterprises spend more than $10 million on airport advertising every year, billboards and so on. In order to make advertising expenses really play a role,cob led work light enterprises regularly evaluate advertising effects and adjust or eliminate low-value advertising displays. With the rise of network, cob led work light enterprises can increase network marketing projects. Network marketing can attract more accurate traffic for enterprises, reduce enterprise costs and maximize the value of advertising expenses.

(2) Multi channel introduction of usb camping light raw materials
The introduction of raw materials through multiple channels can better control the quality of raw materials and ensure sufficient supply. There are many supply channels for usb camping light and lanterns, and a certain proportion of raw materials can be obtained from multiple suppliers. In order to ensure the quality of raw materials and reduce the impact of rising raw material prices. The company needs its own usb camping light warehouse and professional personnel to supervise the log materials during the maintenance period to prevent the deformation and cracking of later finished products due to insufficient maintenance period.

(3). Help white solar lights dealers realize batch profit
The rise of raw material prices will trigger a new round of white solar lights industry restructuring. In order to gain a firm foothold in the market, the support of white solar lights dealers is essential. Enterprises must have a large number of excellent dealers as support. Many lighting enterprises have attracted a large number of excellent dealers through perfect support and training policies. The rise of white solar lights prices will also affect the investment attraction and accession of other peers. Lighting enterprises can use their own advantages to attract more high-quality partners, seize greater market share and offset the impact of the rise of raw materials through sales growth.
Top experts in the industry believe that the rise in the price of raw materials in the lamp industry is taking shape.