Our Group Held 2020 Internal Society Meeting


1. Outstanding Proprieters

Bee Chen (Vice Proprieter of Music Society)

· Opening ukulele course to activate the society atmosphere

· The overall organization of the ukulele performance on S-Day

Gavin Weng (Vice Proprieter of Running Society)

· Developing WeChat mini program of running society to regulate monthly clock-in activities

· Increasing the diversity of activities


2. Next Year’s Plans

Music Society

· Practicing songs and rehearsing instruments every week

· Organizing group activities monthly in the forms of offline KTV and street performance

· Planning annual online singing competition

Running Society

· Continuing daily check-in activities

· Organizing group marathon to expand influence

· Making a short video

3. The Importance of Internal Society

· A great platform for young people to communicate with colleagues who have similar interests after graduation

· An effective carrier for employees to develop hobbies

· An excellent stage for employees to improve their skills and enrich their spare life

4. Current problems

· Low enthusiasm for internal society activity participation

· Difficulty in recruiting new talents

· Difficulty in teaching courses due to different levels of society members

5. Future requirements

· Effective use of funds

· Organizing courses based on members’ abilities

· Better serving the group when the group needs societies

· Attracting new members, expanding society influence, and guaranteeing that members can get a sense of fulfillment in the society


The meeting in Ningbo


The meeting in Yiwu